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rubmyrug, Sep 7, 12 3:37 PM.
We now have vent!  Read GUILD INFORMATION to get you started!  All the info needed to use is there.  Hope you all enjoy!  I will be adding a feature in the future that will allow guild members to donate $ to keep the vent going.  Donations do not need to consist of large sums...a dollar is perfectly great!  It costs 15 dollars per 3 months.  So its practically pretty cheap!  We currently have 20 slots available.  If we need to increase the slots the amount goes up.  Thanks!

Currency Changes Aug 28th

rubmyrug, Aug 21, 12 12:52 AM.
August 28th The patch that you have been downloading the background will be live.  With this patch comes a few changes that may apply to you.  VP's will be converted to JP's.  Conquest will be converted to Honor without any cap limits.  Therefore, all the current VP <397> Gear will be purchased using your JP's.  So save up if you plan on purchasing any gear soon.  Wait until Aug. 28th!
Assoc of Hail is a casual Alliance guild on US-Gilneas. We focus mainly on leveling toons, learning our classes and raiding pre-released content.  We're a new guild having just began together therefore we're just learning to get to know everyone and learn everyone's play-style.

We do not currently have a Vent server or however, when the need arises we will either pay for one or join a free server to see if it gets used enough to pay for one.

We're focused on assisting members gear, level and broaden their knowledge of the World of Warcraft game.  We strive for good-times and fun events.  In the future we will be having huge bi-monthly events which will include members of all levels.  All we ask is to pay attention and be mature when the time is requiring it.  So when applying be reminded that we're not hardcore at any aspect however we are striving to become as good as we can while still maintaining a fun atmosphere.

Some of us have been playing WoW for years and through several expansions.  We know most aspects of the game however are not "leet" by any means.  We will try to help however you need to be willing to learn.  Most know how to tweak our class for optimal performance and where to find information to ehlp ourselves or where best to consult with fellow class-players. We expect our members to ask questions and learn from our experienced players.

We are mostly 20+ but we will consider applicants under 18 in some cases. However, if you're pretty young and wanting to apply, understand that we do expect you to be fairly mature, responsible, and dependable. You'll also be socializing with people who are married, have children (some of them your age). Still, feel free to apply and we'll see how it goes.

The Guild Master of Assoc. of Hail is VQ, however if on an another toon his name will repair as GM Alt in guild info.  We're currently looking for experienced officers to assist in making our guild a great place to be while being organized.  If you're interested in apply just send GM mail to begin the process.  Although we're looking for experienced people to apply for this position we do however, want honest and mature players to apply as well.  Not all officers have the same duties and just because you don't know the game in and out there may be another job for you especially if you're a mature and honest person that enjoys helping our guild and striving to make it great!

Getting a promotion in guild is not asked for however, earned by many factors.  Being reliable, active, social and assisting without being asked. Forming groups with like-leveled members, contributing to guild funds, items etc.  Anyone asking to be giving a higher rank will simply be ignored.  We also do not hand out gold just because you're new.  We were all new at one point and understand the difficulties in maintaining a nice pile of gold.  We were all poor and sometimes we're still poor..haha  However, we want you to learn and with that we do not give handouts.  Yes, there will be occasions when someone may lend you gold to help you however, that will be to someone that deserves it or perhaps a gift.

In the end we wish everyone a fun exciting atmosphere where you can learn and have enjoyment while doing so.  We all have personal lives and understand if you cannot log in everyday.  Put your best foot forward that is all we ask. Ignorance by choice is not tolerated nor is trolling or being rude for any reason.  Welcome to our guild! Lets make it a great place to be!
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